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Datapott is a Data Science & Analysis Company. 

We specialize in assisting companies and individuals in various Data Science & Analysis project.

We are specialists in using software such as Python, R, SAS, SPSS, EVIEWS, STATA, NVIVO e.t.c.
We have proven track record for over 5 Years Now.

 Our Services Inclue:


  1. Data Analysis Services (SPSS, Stata, Eviews, Nvivo, R, Minitab, Python, Excel)
  2. Provide Dissertation, thesis, capstone project writing Consultancy on SPSS, EVIEWS, STATA, R, NVIVO, MINITAB and EXCEL 
  3. Designing of Face-to-Face and Online Survey Questionnaires and Interview Protocols
  4. Research/write academic papers, essays, projects, Literature review, research papers 
  5. Providing Relevant Articles/Journals relevant to Research Topic/Area 
  6. Providing Secondary Databases’ records like Population Data, Country Data, Financial Statement Figures, Industry-related Figures, Public Companies Financial Ratios etc
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