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Are you struggling to get data analyzed on SPSS, Get Quality SPSS Data Analysis Consulting in London with Datapott.com
SPSS is a software package designed for statistical analysis. SPSS is made by IBM and it's now called IBM SPSS Statistics. The software can be used to analyze data collected from a survey, experiment or observation. At Datapott.com, we offer Quality SPSS Data Analysis Consulting in London

The data that is being analyzed can be stored on one of the many different file types that SPSS supports. The data can be analyzed in a broad range of ways. You can calculate frequencies, correlations, means, standard deviations and regressions among other things.

It is possible to analyze data both in a basic way and in an advanced way (i.e. "descriptive statistics" vs "inferential statistics"). We offer the best SPSS Data Analysis Consulting in London

Many data visualization tools are available in SPSS, such as plots, charts, tables and maps. You can also export your data to other formats so that it may be used by other programs (e.g. you can export your results as an Excel file).

If you need help with SPSS, we offer SPSS consulting services for students and researchers around the world..

Steps we observe:

  • Cleaning, coding and data entry in SPSS
  • Choosing the correct statistical test to run
  • Interpreting SPSS output
  • Statistical analysis of SPSS data output
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