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Professional Dissertation Editing Services

Although editorial supervision is usually offered by universities to students writing their dissertations, the reality is that it may not always be available. Even where it is, it might not offer the level of assistance required by students with English as a second language. But having an experienced set of eyes review your work before submission, can go a long way to ensuring your hard work rewarded – and this is where we can help.

Our professional, but fast and affordable, dissertation editing services are the perfect solution for students who would like to ensure their paper meets the expected standards.

Upon submitting your paper, it will be handed over to highly-qualified PHD or Master’s level editors who are carefully matched to you by subject area. As well as identifying any spelling, grammatical or typographical errors that you may have missed, our dissertation editors can offer advice on style, clarity, tone, structure and referencing.

Dissertation Editing Services Tailored to Your Requirements

We offer a range of Dissertation Editing Services so you can choose one to match your needs and budget.

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