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Formatting Tables in APA 7 Style – For Researchers, Thesis & Dissertations Requirements

Formatting tables in APA 7 style is essential for researchers, theses, and dissertations. APA (American Psychological Association) provides specific guidelines for creating tables to ensure consistency and clarity in research documents. Below, I’ll outline the key requirements for formatting tables in APA 7 style:

  1. Table Number and Title:
    • Place the table number above the table (e.g., “Table 1”).
    • Provide a concise and informative table title below the table number. Capitalize the first letter of the title and any proper nouns.

  2. Table Headings:
    • Use clear and concise column headings to label each column.
    • Capitalize the first letter of the first word and any proper nouns in column headings.

  3. Table Notes:
    • If necessary, provide a note below the table to explain abbreviations or provide additional information.
    • Use superscript lowercase letters (a, b, c) to link notes to specific elements in the table.

  4. Table Content:
    • Use horizontal lines to separate the table title, column headings, and the body of the table.
    • Use a single horizontal line under the column headings and at the end of the table. Do not use vertical lines.
    The Video Below Prepared by Our Team Illustrates how to perform Formatting Tables in APA 7 Style:

5. Table Placement:

    • Place tables directly after the first mention of them in the text.
    • Refer to tables within the text by their number (e.g., “Table 1”).

6. Table Size and Format:

    • Tables should be legible and fit within the page margins.
    • Consider using smaller fonts or landscape orientation for wide tables if necessary.
    • Resize or scale tables as needed to ensure readability without compromising quality.

7. Table Source:

    • If you adapt or reproduce a table from another source, include a note below the table to provide the source citation.
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