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How to determine validity for quantitative research?

Measurement is a replicable and systematic process through which an object or instrument is quantified or classified as in the field of social science that deals with the quantification of behaviour. In this case, determining the validity of the measuring instrument (questionnaire) holds the utmost importance (Drost 2011). Consequently, measuring behaviours lead to the dilemma […]

8-step procedure to conduct qualitative content analysis in a research

A study by Ary et al. (1996) categorized qualitative research/method into two distinct forms. Firstly participant observation, where the researcher is a participant of the study. Secondly non-participant observation, where the researcher observes but does not participate. It is in this non-participant observation where one can use the content analysis approach. “A research method for […]

How to establish the validity and reliability of qualitative research?

The validity and reliability of qualitative research represent the key aspects of the quality of research. When handled meticulously, the reliability and validity parameters help differentiate between good and bad research. They also assure readers that the findings of the study are credible and trustworthy. This aspect becomes particularly vital in case studies involving primary […]

Calculation and relevance of t-statistic in the event study methodology

Statistical measures, particularly the T-statistic, serve as crucial tools in diverse research domains, including economics, finance, and genetics. The T-statistic plays a pivotal role in quantifying the significance of relationships between variables by comparing sample means to data variability. Its application enables researchers to discern whether observed associations are statistically meaningful or a result of […]

How to Tests for Variance Inflation Factor (VIF)

The Variance Inflation Factor (VIF) is used to detect the severity of multicollinearity in ordinary least square (OLS) regression analysis. In EViews, you can calculate the VIF by using the following formula:   VIF=1−Ri2​1​Where $R_i^2$ represents the unadjusted coefficient of determination for regressing the ith independent variable on the remaining independent variables. A VIF above […]

How to Interpret Multicollinearity Test Results in Eviews

To interpret multicollinearity test results in EViews, you can analyze the Variance Inflation Factor (VIF) and correlation coefficients. Here’s how to interpret the results: Variance Inflation Factor (VIF): A VIF greater than 10 indicates severe multicollinearity. The VIF measures how much the variance of a coefficient estimate is increased due to multicollinearity. Higher VIF values […]

Understanding Multicollinearity in Linear Regression

What is Multicollinearity? Multicollinearity occurs when two or more independent variables in a regression model are highly correlated with each other. In simpler terms, it’s the presence of strong linear relationships between predictors. This correlation can create problems because it becomes challenging to discern the individual effects of each independent variable on the dependent variable. […]

multicollinearity tests using eviews

To test for multicollinearity in EViews, you can use the Variance Inflation Factor (VIF) and correlation analysis. Here’s how to do it: Variance Inflation Factor (VIF): Open your dataset in EViews. Click on “Quick” > “Group Statistics” > “Correlations.” Select the independent variables you want to check for multicollinearity. Calculate the VIF for each variable. […]

How to perform Heteroscedasticity test in STATA for time series data

Heteroskedastic means “differing variance” which comes from the Greek word “hetero” (‘different’) and “skedasis” (‘dispersion’). It refers to the variance of the error terms in a regression model in an independent variable. If heteroscedasticity is present in the data, the variance differs across the values of the explanatory variables and violates the assumption. This will […]

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